Leading Causes and Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Minnesota is injuries sustained from falls, and most falls can- and should- be prevented. A TBI can result in long lasting effects, personality changes, and risk for more serious disorders later in life, so a few preventative measures now can help avoid serious issues later.

Can Falls Be Prevented?

The age groups 0-4, and 75 and older is the two groups that are highest risk for sustaining a head injury from a fall. You can prevent serious injury from falls by making the areas you live in safer.

Move or secure throw rugs, which can be a tripping hazard, especially for seniors Place non-slip mats and hand rails in the shower Installing a railing next to the toilet and on both sides of all stairways Ensure there is enough light in all rooms and hallways Utilize safety gates on stairways when children are present Mount window guards to prevent falling from windows.

Falls from playground equipment account for over 60% of all playground-related injuries, so it is important that children play in a playground that is built on a surface made of shock absorbing material. Twelve inches of wood chips or a shock absorbing rubber mat that extends at least six feet in each direction from the playground equipment will help prevent serious injuries.

Motor Vehicle Crashes Cause TBIs

There are more TBI hospitalizations from car crashes than any other type of accident, with the highest rate of occurrence in ages 15-19 years. Preventing TBI in automobile crashes can be as easy as making sure that every passenger is properly restrained, and children or infants are in age appropriate child or booster seats every time they are in a car.

Whiplash can be a dangerous result of motor vehicle accidents, and a TBI can be caused by the brain being jolted in the skull. In the case of whiplash injuries, it is important to be properly examined by a healthcare professional who can determine if any long lasting effects may occur from the accident.

TBIs and Striking Accidents

The third leading cause of brain injuries is being struck by or hitting an object. Most recreational or sports head injuries are mild and don't require hospitalization, but individuals who have sustained a head injury are more likely to suffer another head injury later on.

Appropriate use of mouth guards does assist in reducing the severity of an injury in sports, and a proper helmet should always be used when playing contact sports, riding a bicycle or horse, skiing, batting, or riding in-line skates or a skateboard.

TBI from Assaults

TBIs are especially deadly when firearms are used, where almost 2/3 of the cases are classified as suicide attempts. As well, child abuse accounts for 19% of childhood brain injuries, and in these cases the death rate tends to be higher than in children not subject to abuse.

Do You Need Help with Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case?

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