The experienced and capable personal injury attorneys at Hazelton Law Firm have compiled an informative and practical book to help you to better understand the complexity of your automobile injury case. These books are available FREE and for no obligation. Order one today!

Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Book

Were you seriously injured in an automobile accident, and you know it was not your fault? Are you having trouble dealing with insurance? You may need a lawyer on your side. Find out more with this free resource.

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How Much Automobile Insurance Should I Buy?

It can be difficult to determine how much and what type of auto Insurance you need. This comprehensive overview provides expert insights and advice that will help you purchase with confidence.

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Do I Really Need a Lawyer for My Injury Claim?

In this helpful guide for all injury victims, we discuss the factors that go into making an accurate claim. You will be able to decide whether to handle the process yourself or hire a lawyer for help.

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The Minnesota Liquor Liability Book

Legal Remedies when Bars Over-serve Drunk Drivers

Written to educate people about the sale to and consumption of alcohol by an already intoxicated person. Businesses and individuals can be held liable for harm caused by that person, and families have a claim for "loss of means of support" if the intoxicated person is seriously injured or killed. Find out more about the repercussions of “over-serving”.

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When Dogs Attack

A dog bite incident is not only traumatic, but it can be difficult to resolve. Attacks usually occur with a known animal and owner, often a neighbor’s or friend’s pet. Most settlements can be funded by the homeowner’s insurance policy. Learn more about how you can receive compensation after an attack.

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When Medical Errors Cause Harm

When making a claim for medical malpractice, it is important to be knowledgeable and well-prepared. Find out more about the types of claims you may be eligible to make and follow best practices when filing with this helpful guide.

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What the Heck is No-Fault Coverage?

Have you been involved in an accident and now you aren’t sure who is liable for what? Car insurance rules vary from state to state, and can be difficult to understand. Learn what you need to know about no-fault coverage, your responsibilities, and how to resolve accident claims.

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