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Preventing falls on your property

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2022 | Premises Liability

A fall in your home can result in serious injury. If you often have visitors, others may also be at risk of falling, which creates legal liability.

These safety steps can help you prevent falls on your property and the associated consequences.

Remove clutter and hazards

Clear miscellaneous items from the walkways and stairways in your home. Even fixtures like throw rugs, damaged flooring or carpet, or loose stairs can result in falls, so make repairs where needed. Some of the most common things that cause falls include spilled liquid, stacks of magazines or books, boxes, and electrical cords.

Install safety features

If you have staircases inside or outside your home, make sure they have stable handrails. If you have older parents or other seniors who visit your home or stay with you, consider installing grab bars in your shower or tub and around the toilet. Non-slip mats in these areas and on the bathroom floor can also reduce fall risk. If you have hardwood floors that can be slippery, purchase non-slip treads for the stairs.

Illuminate all areas

Good lighting can help prevent fall risks. Regularly check the bulbs in the hallways, entryways and other areas to avoid an injury resulting from lack of visibility. Put night lights in walkways, bathrooms and bedrooms. Motion lights in outdoor living spaces can help you keep your guests safe at an outdoor soiree.

Taking these measures can help you, your friends and your family members stay safe in your home. According to the National Institute on Aging, 60% of fall injuries happen at someone’s residence.