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Serving Victims Of ATV Accidents In Minnesota

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are an ever-present sight in Greater Minnesota. Their versatility and powerful capabilities make them go-to vehicles for year-round recreation. From pulling sleds in the winter to off-roading adventures in the summer, they offer endless hours of fun for adults and kids alike.

When something goes wrong, however, life can change in an instant. Rollovers, collisions and other types of ATV accidents can cause devastating injuries or death. Making sense of what happened – and who was at fault – can be a lengthy and complicated process. It’s not something you should attempt alone.

We Handle All Types Of ATV-Related Injury Claims

We understand the devastating toll of ATV accidents. At Hazelton Law Group, a Bemidji-based law firm, we dedicate our practice to helping people who have endured horrific accidents secure the financial recovery they need to move forward.

Our lawyers can help with:

  • Product liability claims involving defective ATV parts or dangerous product design
  • Premises liability lawsuits for accidents involving dangerous property conditions on public or private land
  • Injury claims involving collisions with other vehicles
  • Claims involving ATV injuries to children, including improper supervision by third parties
  • Lawsuits against ATV rental companies for poor vehicle maintenance, lack of adequate safety measures or other types of negligence
  • Wrongful death claims resulting from fatal ATV accidents

From our office in Bemidji, we represent clients across northern Minnesota. Our lawyers are also licensed in North Dakota and Alaska.

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