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Icy Roads Can Cause More Problems Than You Think

Minnesotans, especially Northern Minnesotans, are all too familiar with winter road conditions, and it’s no news that an icy road can cause a serious accident. But as familiar as Minnesotans are with ice and snow, they may not know enough about what to do after an accident caused by a slick road. These types of accidents can be particularly complex, with additional factors to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

You never expect to be in an accident, even when road conditions are bad. So you may not know quite what to do in the event of a crash in the winter. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about icy roads and accidents.

Can you sue after an accident on an icy road?

In some cases, yes. If someone else hits you on the road while the roads are slippery, there are ways you can prove that it was more than just ice that caused your accident. In some cases, you can attribute the accident to the driver, rather than the ice, and you can sue for compensation for the accident.

How can you prove it was the other driver’s fault?

While ice may have been a factor in the accident, there are other contributors to a crash. A personal injury attorney can investigate the driver’s attentiveness, their actions before the crash (i.e. distractions), and their responsiveness to the conditions. All of these factors and more can prove that the crash was caused by more than the road conditions.

How To Get Compensated

After an accident in the snow and ice, you can pursue compensation. If you open a case, you will open it against the other driver’s insurance company. An experienced personal injury attorney can help people get what they need after an accident caused by an icy road, and another driver’s negligence.

People can recover money to help pay for medical expenses related to any injuries caused by the accident, repairs for damages to their vehicle and even compensation for pain and suffering. These cases generally end up being similar to other types of motor vehicle accidents, which also carry their own complexities and questions.

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