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Seeking Justice For Those Hurt By A Drunk Driver

Being involved in a drunk driving accident can be a traumatic and life-altering experience. At Hazelton Law Group, our attorneys understand the physical, emotional and financial challenges you are likely facing during this difficult time. With nearly 50 combined years of experience, our dedicated team provides compassionate support and advocates for individuals in Bemidji and Grand Rapids injured in all types of car accidents, including those involving drunk drivers. Our lawyers believe in educating our clients about their rights and options, and they are committed to fighting for justice on their behalf.

Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable

When you choose Hazelton Law Group to handle your drunk driving accident case, you can trust that our team will aggressively pursue your claim against the drunk driver and their insurance company. At our firm, our attorneys focus on representing plaintiffs, advocating for the rights of those injured by the negligence of drunk drivers. They have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding these cases, and they will use their knowledge and skills to build a solid and compelling case on your behalf.

Exploring Additional Avenues Of Compensation

In some drunk driving accident cases, additional parties may be liable for your injuries. Our lawyers have experience in handling liquor liability cases, in which they hold establishments accountable for serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated individuals who later cause accidents.

Your Recovery Is Our Priority

Our experienced attorneys at Hazelton Law Group believe in fighting for the maximum compensation you deserve. They will meticulously investigate your case, gather evidence, interview witnesses and consult experts to build a strong claim. They will pursue damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related losses.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident, then it is crucial to seek legal representation to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact Hazelton Law Group by calling 218-210-2043 or filling out our convenient online form to schedule a free consultation.