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It would be almost impossible to represent people who have been seriously injured or lost a loved one without that representation developing into a friendship. Truthfully, we wouldn’t want it any other way. That friendship is founded on the serious nature of claims our clients entrust to us. To be so entrusted not only comes with great responsibility but is humbling and is a privilege. Please read below what some of our clients have shared with us.

Here are some testimonials our clients have shared about their experience:

So ready to go meet a lawyer. I got real anxiety. I can’t explain my stress level I know to be very honest( no problem) and explain what happen. Telling what happened seem awkward. After explaining what happened a few questions and statements were made. My gosh this lawyer had a way of speaking. No promises were made to me other than they will take my case. I signed a couple papers and by the time we finished I felt completely satisfied Finally somebody was going to work on this situation. I was constantly given updates and when I would receive a call they truly wanted to know how I was doing. No matter who I spoke with I felt relaxed. My stress then became their stress. They gave proof of their determination to know and check every detail I cannot explain how important and relaxed I felt. I knew I had the most honest and kind people working to help me! They are the best and I would like to give them a HUGE Thank You and God Bless each and every one of you.



I can’t express my gratitude enough for Hazelton Law Firm. Brooks Hazelton came through to get my case settled with a wonderful result. They were always available to be there for me and answer my questions whether it was good or bad news. Gary worked on my case at the beginning and was a ray of hope for my situation. They would be nowhere without the remarkable women who run the office and help the clients. Cassie and Mary were always in a wonderful mood and happy to talk to me and I can’t thank them enough.



Thank you so much for taking on my case and for all of the work you put into it. Thank you for all of your patience with my endless questions and for the concern you and your staff always showed to me. You are all true professionals at what you do! I’d love to hear from you should you ever learn about a breakthrough in science to cure what I have as Dr. … said there is no cure and that it is treatment-resistant. I’ve appreciated the information you have shared with me. I hope I will not need to use your services again; however, I know I would come back to your firm. I will also highly recommend your firm to others.



Gary was very good at finding all the facts about my injury. Also kept me very informed as the process moved forward. All the staff at Gary’s office was very helpful and in tune with what was going on at all times. The end result was very positive. Hazelton Law Group is at the top of my list for best services ever received.



My experience with Gary Hazelton and his staff certainly exceeded my expectations. They all went above and beyond what I expected. Not only did they do all the legal work for a settlement and got my medical bills paid, Mr. Hazelton recommended I try one last time to try and ease my pain. He gave me the number of a doctor in Minneapolis who does a procedure that works “miracles!”



In August of 1999, I was hit by a drunk driver while riding my bike near Park Rapids, Minnesota. As a result, I was in a hospital in Fargo for ten weeks and two days. After meeting Gary, I knew from the beginning that he was on my side, and he stayed there through some of the darkest days of my life. He and his law firm worked tirelessly for me, and I was treated with respect and dignity. Winning the case was the icing on the cake. I started out meeting a very good lawyer and ended up with a very good friend.



Our representation by Gary and his staff was second to none. They explained everything in terms we understood and helped us throughout the process. Due to the tremendous care of our case they took, we would recommend them to anyone.



I was pleased with the result of my legal case, and I am not a great advocate of laws usually. I was treated very good and not dismissed at any point in my case. I recommend Gary Hazelton as a lawyer to anyone.

James G.


At a time when I felt as though there was nowhere to go for help, I was led to Gary Hazelton. Through methodical and thorough investigation and research, Gary was very successful in my personal injury suit against the insurance company that was denying my claims. I still suffer from the injuries sustained in that accident, but Gary’s thorough understanding of the applicable laws allowed us to prevail in our court case. Not only is Gary capable beyond expectations, but he is genuinely a nice guy. Not the easiest combination to find in that profession.

Jim S.


We wanted to let you all know how much we appreciated all Brooks and the whole team there at Hazelton did for us. Thank You, for sticking with us and walking us through everything. We are so glad you took on our case. We Pray You are all blessed for it. Please let Brooks and the rest of the team know we are so thankful for everyone who helped us through this process. You all were wonderful. Bless You and Thank You Again,

Jay & Germaine