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What are some signs of aggressive or angry dogs?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Dog Attacks

While people may enjoy playing with animals, you should always stay aware of the dangers of a rough or aggressive dog when out in public.

Aggression may not always seem obvious when a new dog approaches you. Noticing the subtle signs of anger can help you after a serious bite or attack.

Different movements and poses

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, you may commonly see dogs react to a new threat by standing still. This can seem odd at first, since they may appear rigid instead of running away.

Negligent pet owners can fail to stop an attack because they do not understand what their dogs are doing.

Attempts to lunge or grab onto you

When dogs make noises and begin to growl without outright barking, they could feel overwhelmed or upset at you. They may not break your skin with their teeth at first. Instead, aggressive dogs could rush at you and clamp down with their mouth without causing you any serious amount of pain.

When playing with animals, their owners may encourage you to keep interacting even when these dogs are actively getting more upset.

Painful warning bites

After a dog has exhausted all other ways to show aggression, it may attempt to bite and latch onto you. If the dog is trying to be protective or feels threatened, it can break your skin and draw blood.

Staying focused on the way an animal’s body language looks and how they interact with you is important to understanding dog attacks.