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Guiding children to ride ATVs safely

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | ATV Accidents

All-terrain vehicles can provide a great deal of fun for children, but they can also present significant safety risks if not handled properly. Therefore, teaching children to ride ATVs safely is of utmost importance.

Here are some ways parents can guide their children toward safe and responsible ATV use.

Understanding the vehicle

Before children start riding, they need to understand the mechanics of the vehicle. Teach them about the controls, how to start and stop the ATV and the role of the throttle and brakes. This knowledge builds a solid foundation for safe riding.

Choosing the right size ATV

The size of the ATV matters a lot. A smaller, less powerful ATV is suitable for children. As they gain more control and experience, they can graduate to larger models.

Requiring protective gear

Children must always wear protective gear while riding an ATV. This includes a helmet, gloves, long pants and sturdy shoes. Stress the importance of wearing these items every time they ride.

Providing supervised practice

Start with supervised practice sessions in a safe and controlled environment. Initially, limit riding to flat, open areas. As children gain confidence and improve their skills, introduce them to different terrains under supervision.

Teaching safe riding techniques

Demonstrate and encourage safe riding techniques. This includes keeping both hands on the handlebars, both feet on the footrests and leaning forward while going uphill and backward when going downhill.

Promoting respect for rules

Teach children to respect speed limits and ride only in permitted areas. Explain that ATVs are not meant for stunts or tricks and they should never ride them on paved roads.

Children can safely enjoy the thrill of ATV riding if parents take a proactive approach when teaching them.