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What should motorcyclists watch for on Minnesota roads?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Car Accidents, Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycling can be a fun way to experience the road and take in the scenery, especially when the weather is nice. However, riding a bike can also be significantly more dangerous than riding in a car. Because of this, there are certain hazards that motorcyclists should pay special attention to.

What are some things that motorcyclists should watch for on Minnesota roads?

Other vehicles

Because of the smaller size of a motorcycle, riders should be sure that they pay close attention to other vehicles in the area. Not only are motorcyclists more likely to become injured if they collide with a larger vehicle, but other drivers may not be able to see them as well either. Those operating a motorcycle should always wear a helmet and consider wearing some bright colors on their clothes when going for a ride.

Snow and ice

Minnesota has harsh winters that come with a lot of snow and ice. Black ice can be particularly dangerous to vehicles since the ice is so difficult to see until it is too late. Motorcycle riders who find themselves on a slippery surface are more likely to be thrown from their vehicle if they slide than someone driving a covered vehicle.

Train tracks

Train tracks that go across a highway can also be particularly dangerous to motorcycles, especially when the tracks are wet. When someone on a motorcycle sees a sign indicating train tracks ahead, they should exercise caution.

In order to remain safe, motorcyclists should exercise caution while enjoying a ride on their bikes.