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What to do if unlisted side effects from medication affect you

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Products Liability

Medications can greatly enhance health, but they can also bring unwanted side effects. Usually, pharmaceutical companies list potential side effects on packaging and information leaflets. However, situations may arise where medication triggers severe side effects that were not listed. This could lead to serious illness and significant distress.

Understanding the steps to take when faced with this challenging situation is essential. Prompt action can ensure adequate care, safeguard rights and help to prevent others from experiencing the same issue.

Get immediate medical attention

The first step should always be to seek immediate medical attention. If the side effects have caused severe illness, one must seek urgent care. Medical professionals can identify the best course of treatment to alleviate symptoms and counteract the negative impact of the medication.

Report the issue to the pharmacist

Next, report the unlisted side effects to the pharmacist who supplied the medication. They can provide valuable guidance and take steps to alert the pharmaceutical company and the necessary regulatory bodies. The pharmacist can also record the adverse reaction for future reference, ensuring they can provide safer and more personalized service in the future.

Document the symptoms and their impact

Documentation serves as critical proof. This includes recording the symptoms experienced, how they affected daily life, any additional medical costs incurred and the response of healthcare professionals. Keeping a record from the onset of symptoms provides a clear timeline of events.

Contact the pharmaceutical company

Once stable, reach out directly to the pharmaceutical company. Provide them with all the information regarding the situation. They need to know about the adverse effects their product has caused. In many cases, companies may take immediate action to prevent further incidents.

Report the adverse reaction to the FDA

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration regulates pharmaceuticals. They need to know about adverse reactions, especially if the side effects were not listed on the medication. They have a reporting system known as MedWatch for such incidents.

Seeking compensation

In some cases, the individual might consider seeking compensation for any damages resulting from the unlisted side effects. This process involves establishing that the pharmaceutical company was negligent in some way.

Dealing with unlisted side effects from medication can be a daunting experience. However, taking the right steps can lead to better management of the situation, protecting health and potentially preventing similar incidents from happening to others.