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Compensation you may receive after a dog bite

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Dog Attacks

Dog bites can cause serious damages and injuries, leading to costly medical bills and disruption of work and daily life. In Minnesota, dog bites fall under the strict liability clause, which means that you can hold the owner accountable for your injuries without having to prove negligence on their part.

That means you can seek the compensation you deserve after a dog bite injury.

Your medical costs

Some dog bites lead to severe injuries and extensive medical costs. Other bites may need first responder attention for disinfecting and bandages but might not cause serious injuries. Regardless of the severity of the bite, any medical costs you incur at the time of the bite and beyond to treat your related injuries are typically covered by the owner.

Your lost earnings

When you miss work because of your dog bite injuries, that lost income can dramatically affect your family’s financial stability. You can seek restitution for the lost income if you document the time you spent out of work for your recovery and have sufficient medical support for that time.

Your pain and suffering

Whether you negotiate a settlement or take the case to court, pursue compensation for pain and suffering as well. This compensates you for your physical pain and the emotional effects of the incident.

Understanding the compensation you may qualify for helps you argue for your fair share in the settlement negotiations. You might want to consider taking the case to court if necessary to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.