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What is failure to warn in product liability cases?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Products Liability

Product liability cases involve incidents where consumers suffer harm from a product they purchased. One key element of product liability claims is the failure to warn, which refers to situations when manufacturers or sellers fail to provide sufficient warnings or use instructions to address potential product dangers.

You should understand the role that a failure to warn can play in your product liability case.

What is failure to warn?

Failure to warn is the term used when companies fail to inform consumers of a potential hazard associated with using their product. Manufacturers have a legal responsibility to provide comprehensive, clear warnings about risks so consumers can make informed decisions and use products safely.

Why are warnings and instructions important?

You might dismiss the warning labels and product instructions because they seem irrelevant, but those documents offer important information. They define the hazards associated with a product and the safety precautions consumers should take when using it. Manufacturers have a duty to disclose those risks and concerns related to their products.

What should you consider if you suffer an injury?

Check the product labels and instructions to ensure that you used the product in accordance with its expected use and the instructions from the manufacturer. If no warnings covered the risk you faced, you might have a product liability claim.

Consumers have a right to expect safe products and clear information regarding safety concerns. According to Forbes, 11.7 million people visited emergency rooms in 2021 due to injuries sustained from consumer products. It is important to understand your rights to file consumer liability claims and the role of failure to warn in your case.