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How should you stay safe on the road around logging trucks?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Car Accidents

Logging trucks, with their massive loads of timber, are a common sight on various highways and rural roads. While these trucks play an important role in transporting wood products, sharing the road with them can be a challenge.

Ensuring safety when driving near logging trucks is of utmost importance to prevent accidents and protect lives.

Maintain a safe following distance

With the American trucking industry being worth $875.5 billion in 2021, truckers on the road are more common than ever before. One crucial safety precaution when navigating around logging trucks is to always maintain a safe following distance. Logging trucks are often considerably longer and bulkier than regular vehicles, which means they require more space to come to a complete stop.

To ensure your safety and well-being, it is important to keep a distance of at least three to four car lengths behind a logging truck, especially when traveling at high speeds. This distance allows you enough time to react and stop safely in case the truck needs to brake suddenly.

Avoid blind spots

Logging trucks possess significantly larger and more pronounced blind spots in contrast to standard automobiles. These blind spots exist on both the truck’s sides, as well as directly behind and in front of it.

To stay safe, it is intelligent to refrain from lingering within these blind spot areas. If you find yourself unable to identify the truck driver in their side mirrors, it is highly probable that they cannot see you either.

Pass with extreme caution

When overtaking a logging truck, exercise caution. Ensure you have plenty of space and visibility to pass safely. Use your turn signal well in advance to communicate your intention to the truck driver. Once you have passed, make sure to leave ample space before merging back into the lane in front of the truck.

Beware of falling debris

Truckers transporting logs on logging trucks can sometimes make the logs shift or cascade down to the road. To protect yourself, always be alert around your surroundings when driving near these trucks. Avoid tailgating them, as this increases the risk of debris hitting your vehicle if it falls.

Obey speed limits

Adhering to speed limits is important when sharing the road with logging trucks. Speeding reduces your reaction time and can lead to dangerous situations. Maintain a safe and legal speed to ensure you can react promptly to any unexpected events.

Avoiding peril on the road around logging trucks may not seem evident at first. By educating yourself on logging trucks, you can grow as a knowledgeable and observant driver.