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Accident recovery and your hesitation to drive again

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Vehicle Accidents

Finding the courage to drive again after your involvement in a serious car crash in Minnesota will take time and patience. You may not anticipate the emotional trigger that driving may cause until you get back into the driver’s seat.

Recognizing that hesitation is a natural and expected reaction after your experience may give you comfort and reassurance. Taking things slowly can help you to gradually regain your confidence.

Focus on your emotional health

Because psychological injuries are not as noticeable as physical injuries, you may unintentionally overlook your emotional recovery. Car accidents are scary and you can retain vivid memories of your experience for a very long time. If not recognized and treated, emotional injuries resulting from your accident may cause ongoing problems including anxiety and depression. Irrational fears may develop that prevent you from wanting to drive.

In the weeks and months following your accident, keep a close watch on your mental state. You may consider working with a therapist to help you process your emotions. According to Geico, one suggestion is to write everything down. Recording your experience can help release intrusive thoughts. In fact, experts recommend repeating this exercise until you can do so with mental clarity and without feeling triggered or upset when thinking about what happened.

Improve your driving skills

Driver improvement courses can also help you rebuild the courage to drive again. A plethora of educational resources are available to aid you in learning defensive driving techniques. A refresher course about traffic laws, as well as the need for vigilance, can help you develop safer driving habits. When you feel confident about your ability to operate a vehicle safely and with control, you may feel more comfortable driving.

Driving after a car accident does not have to cause feelings of terror and sadness. Relying on your support group and giving yourself grace as you heal may enable you to slowly come around until you feel ready to drive again.