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What should business owners do when customers fall in the store?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Premises Liability

Recently, you fell in a store while out running errands. The employees helped you up and asked if you sustained injuries, but did the store owner follow up or take the right actions?

Chron explains how store owners should respond to customer falls. Understand whether the owner’s actions (or lack of action) may contribute to a premises liability case.

Provide medical assistance

When customers fall and sustain injuries, property owners or their employees should call for first responders. While waiting, victims should remain still and receive preliminary medical care to keep them stable until paramedics arrive.

Check the accident site

Property owners should visually inspect the area where the customer fell. Specific conditions may lead to accidents and injuries, such as frayed carpeting or flooring in need of repair. Sometimes, store owners do not bear liability for customer falls, such as if the person slipped and fell in a store after tracking in snow or rainwater from outside.

Create an accident report

Did you help fill out an incident report that included your name, contact information, conditions that contributed to your fall and the harm you endured? Business owners must describe the fall’s circumstances and include supplementary evidence, such as images or video. This evidence may also pinpoint the at-fault party if the store owner does not bear responsibility for your injuries.

Secure legal help

Sometimes, store owners consult with legal professionals to protect their rights and make sure they do not say or do anything that could jeopardize a legal case. You may speak with a legal representative rather than the store owner.

Understanding both sides of slip-and-fall accidents could help you build your case. Proper knowledge also helps to protect your legal rights.