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Are dogs more dangerous during the winter?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Dog Attacks

Since humans domesticated them millennia ago, dogs have served as constant companions. They also hold a place in popular culture, with three dogs even earning stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While pooches can be lovable and loyal, they can also be extremely dangerous.

Some dogs have a propensity to be territorial and protective. If one of these animals attacks you, you are venerable to catastrophic injuries. Even though you probably know which dogs to avoid, friendly animals may become unpredictable at times.

The effects of cold weather

Cold weather can cause dogs to experience physical and emotional discomfort. During cold spells, animals who live outdoors may react aggressively to friends and foes alike. Pups who live inside, meanwhile, may develop cabin fever that causes them to act erratically.

A dog’s injuries

Regardless of the time of year or weather conditions, injuries are likely to alter the way dogs behave. If you approach an injured animal, the dog may attack you. Therefore, you must exercise additional caution when interacting with dogs who have been through an accident or otherwise sustained an injury.

Your legal options

During a dog attack, you may suffer broken bones, deep cuts, nerve damage and other life-altering injuries. You may also be susceptible to psychological harm that includes post-traumatic stress disorder, cynophobia or even body-image issues. Treating your physical and emotional injuries may be almost unbelievably expensive.

Ultimately, if you have mounting medical bills you simply cannot pay, pursuing financial compensation from the dog’s owner may give you the resources you need to recover completely.