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Tips for driving safely around motorcycles

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents

You share the road with many different users, including persons driving motorcycles when you drive.

Motorcycle drivers are at higher risk for serious injury in an accident. Here are some tips to help you drive safely around motorcycles.

Give more following distance

When you drive behind a motorcycle, you want to give plenty of room between your car and the bike. Motorcycles should have the same stopping time as cars during optimal driving conditions. However, if the roads are wet or icy, you may have more difficulty bringing your vehicle to a stop.

Many motorcyclists reduce speed in traffic by changing to lower gears. As a result, the brake light does not activate on the bike. Allowing more distance gives you more time to react when you do not have a visual warning that the motorcycle is slowing down.

Have an awareness of motorcycles in traffic

If you see a motorcycle driving on the same route as you, you need to make a mental note. You can keep track of the bike’s location in your mirrors. Motorcycles can disappear quickly in a driver’s blind spot, so if you cannot see the bike, you will know to double-check your blind spot before changing lanes.

You should also know that motorcyclists often change positions within their travel lane. Bikers make these adjustments to avoid road hazards and maintain an optimal route.

Drivers of vehicles are usually at fault when involved in a collision with a motorcycle—exercise caution when driving near a biker.