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Watch out for dogs with cabin fever this winter

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Dog Attacks

The winters in northern Minnesota are notoriously brutal, often causing residents to spend months indoors. Until temperatures climb again, you and your friends are going to have to settle for inside get-togethers. Even if you are familiar with your friends’ dogs, wintertime can wreak havoc on their mental well-being.

According to AKC Pet Insurance, dogs can come down with serious cases of cabin fever. While not an actual illness, cabin fever happens when a dog spends too much time in confinement. Unfortunately, cooped-up canines can behave unpredictably.

The need for exercise

Like humans, dogs need regular physical exercise to thrive. Size, age and overall health typically dictate how much exercise a dog needs, with larger animals often requiring me. Still, regardless of a dog’s size or breed, a lack of exercise can cause a dog to become aggressive. This is true even for otherwise friendly animals.

The risk to your health

Humans long ago domesticated dogs, somewhat changing their dietary requirements. Still, all dogs continue to have oversized canine teeth for killing animals and tearing into their flesh. This means an aggressive dog can pose a serious risk to your health. Likewise, a dog’s claws can inflict considerable damage to your skin and soft tissues.

The need for medical care

If a dog with cabin fever attacks you this winter, it is advisable to seek immediate medical treatment. After all, in addition to causing potentially life-altering injuries, dog bites can leave you with unsightly scars. They also can damage your mental health and make you vulnerable to infection.

Ultimately, while going to the emergency room for treatment can be expensive, you might be eligible for substantial financial compensation to help pay for your medical care.