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Fatal traffic accidents in rural and urban areas

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Whether you drive, bike or walk near traffic, it is vital to go over various risk factors that you face and prioritize your safety. Sadly, motor vehicle crashes claim many lives on an annual basis, and these accidents also leave a lot of people with debilitating injuries. Some people think that rural roads are safer than busy urban streets, but data shows that road users face significant risks in cities as well as the countryside.

Reviewing data on fatal motor vehicle collisions provides a better understanding of this topic and serves as a reminder of the dangers that people face on the road, whether they are in an urban or rural location.

Statistics on traffic accident deaths on rural roads

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 16,600 traffic crash deaths took place in rural areas, representing 43% of all traffic accident deaths over the course of the year. The deaths in these rural locations show a 2% increase in comparison to 2019. Also, 1,160 pedestrians and 190 pedalcyclists lost their lives in traffic collisions on rural roads in 2020.

Data on traffic accident deaths in urban areas

The NHTSA states that 56% of all traffic accident deaths in 2020 took place on urban roads, resulting in the loss of 21,650 lives. These deaths reflect a 9% increase in comparison to traffic fatalities on urban roads in 2019. Furthermore, over 5,200 pedestrians and 720 pedalcyclists died in traffic crashes on urban roads in 2020.

On the road, the risk of a deadly accident is a serious concern in rural and urban places, and it is pivotal for all road users to keep this in mind.