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Tips for safe winter driving in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Car Accidents, Vehicle Accidents

Winter makes the conditions of the roads hazardous due to snow and ice. Knowing how to drive in these weather conditions may keep you from getting into an accident.

Follow these tips for safe winter driving.

Clear the windows

When ice and snow cover the car’s windows, it is nearly impossible to see the road and other drivers, making driving unsafe. Before entering the vehicle, remove the snow and ice from all windows and mirrors. The windshield wipers might freeze to the window, so do not count on them to remove the precipitation.

Drive slowly

Even if you can see out of all your windows, patches of black ice or deep snow may be difficult to see from behind the wheel. Sometimes, drivers do not know they have run over ice until they are losing traction in their vehicle. Driving slowly can prevent the car from sliding or spinning great distances, and drivers may be able to regain control.

Turn on the vehicle’s headlights

Many cars have daytime running lights that turn on when the engine is running. These lights should make it easier for drivers to see the road in winter weather. However, turning the headlights into the on position during bad weather conditions ensures the lights stay on if the engine shuts off. This action is essential because the lights make it easier for responders to find cars if they slide off the road and the engine is off.

Evaluate if it is necessary to travel when winter weather covers the roads in snow and ice. Drivers that do travel should follow the tips above to stay safe.