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5 safety tips for pedestrians in Northern Minnesota

On Behalf of | May 7, 2024 | Vehicle Accidents

Northern Minnesota’s picturesque landscapes and charming small towns make it a wonderful place for exploring. However, with its busy roads, pedestrians also need to think about safety.

Whether someone is strolling through Duluth’s historic streets or enjoying a hike in the North Woods, learning about safety tips can help.

1. Show intentions clearly

When preparing to cross the street, individuals should signal their intentions to drivers. People can make a hand gesture indicating their desire to cross or step up to the edge of the curb. By communicating this clearly, people help drivers anticipate their actions and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings.

2. Pick visible outfits

In Northern Minnesota, where daylight hours are sometimes short, people need to stay as visible as possible for drivers. Individuals can wear light-colored clothing and consider adding reflective materials to their attire, especially if they are out at dawn, dusk or nighttime hours. Carrying a flashlight can also help increase visibility from a distance.

3. Avoid alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs can impair a person’s ability to walk safely, just as they impair a person’s ability to drive. If an individual plans to walk, they need to avoid consuming alcohol or drugs beforehand. They should stay alert and maintain coordination to navigate roads and intersections safely.

4. Use sidewalks

Utilize sidewalks where available when walking in Northern Minnesota. Sidewalks provide a designated space for pedestrians, separate from vehicle traffic, enhancing safety. In areas without sidewalks, people should face traffic while walking to improve visibility and awareness.

5. Choose marked crosswalks

When crossing the street in Northern Minnesota, always opt for marked crosswalks or intersections. These designated crossing points provide pedestrians with a safer path across the road. Avoid crossing mid-block, as drivers may not expect pedestrians in these areas. By sticking to marked crosswalks, people can ensure that drivers are more likely to see them.


By incorporating these additional safety tips into practice, pedestrians can further enhance their safety while exploring Northern Minnesota’s scenic wonders. Those facing injuries from vehicle accidents may want to seek fair compensation.