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How can people get burns from truck accidents?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can result in devastating injuries, including severe burns. Understanding how these accidents cause burns can help individuals stay alert.

Burns from truck accidents often occur due to various factors.

Fuel spills and fires

One of the most common causes of burns in truck accidents is fuel spills leading to fires. When a truck crashes, the fuel tank can rupture, spilling gasoline or diesel. These fuels are highly flammable and can ignite from sparks or the heat generated by the collision.

The resulting fire can engulf the vehicle and trap the occupants inside, causing severe burns. The intensity of these fires can be extreme, making it difficult for rescue teams to respond quickly.

Explosions from hazardous materials

Many trucks carry hazardous materials, which pose an additional risk during accidents. These materials can include chemicals, gases or other flammable substances. If a truck carrying hazardous materials crashes, the impact can cause an explosion.

The force of the explosion and the ensuing fire can cause significant burns to the truck driver, passengers and nearby individuals. In some cases, these explosions can spread quickly, affecting a larger area and leading to harmful second-degree or third-degree burn injuries.

Contact with hot surfaces

Another way people can get burns in truck accidents is through contact with hot surfaces. After a crash, the engine and other mechanical parts of a truck can become extremely hot.

If individuals try to escape, they might come into contact with these hot surfaces. Touching a hot engine or exhaust pipe can result in serious burns. Additionally, metal parts of the truck can retain heat from the fire, posing a risk even after the flames die down.

Electrical burns

Truck accidents can also lead to electrical burns. Trucks often have complex electrical systems, and a collision can cause wires to become exposed or short-circuit. If someone touches these exposed wires, they can suffer from electrical burns. Moreover, trucks hitting power lines during an accident can create a hazardous environment, increasing the risk of electrical burns for anyone nearby.

Understanding these dangers highlights the importance of safety measures to deal with such accidents and reduce the risk of severe injuries. Anyone facing a burn injury after a truck accident may want to seek fair compensation.